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Kristen Stewart Blurts Out Inappropriate Words With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Tinder, Tequila and Lenny Kravitz’s penis all pop up in the ”Tonight Show“ game

Kristen Stewart was Jimmy Fallon’s latest victim on Tuesday night as he challenged the “Twilight’ star to a game of Word Blurt when she appeared on the show to promote her new film, “American Ultra.”

The game comprised of a deck of cards and on each one is a random word, which neither player has seen, explained the “Tonight Show” host to his guest.

“I’m going to flip it over, then we’re going to say the first thing than that pops into our heads … we’ll find out how much we think alike, as I think we’re besties,” he told her.

“You have so many besties, I don’t want to hear it anymore,” Stewart quipped.

“We can be besties but not BFFs,” Fallon replied, sounding like a popular high school girl.

The first word was “tequila,” prompting the obvious party connotations. “I’m not very good at the improv joke thing,” Stewart said, as she flailed trying to come up with witty responses.

She did manage to insult Fallon, however, when she told him he had a “marshmallow belly,” but the “Still Alice” actress was far to slow when the words “Lenny Kravitz” popped up — prompting the instant reaction of “penis” from Fallon, in reference to the singer’s pants-splitting performance last week.

The late-night host then decided it would be fun to write their guesses for “Tinder” on boards and reveal them at the same time.

Clearly Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend isn’t a fan of the dating app, as she wrote “NO” in an adamant response.

“American Ultra,” starring Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg, hits theaters Friday, Aug. 21.

“The Tonight Show” airs at 11.35 p.m. on NBC.