Kristen Stewart, Snooki, Justin Bieber and More Read Cruel Tweets About Themselves (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel enlists Katy Perry, Larry King, Danny McBride and others to explore the hilariously mean side of Twitter

Tweets about celebrities can be so cruel — and hilarious!

On Tuesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel enlisted a bevy of celebrities including Kristen Stewart, Danny McBride, "Jersey Shore" charmer Snooki, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry to read some of the more mean-spirited Twitter missives that have have been hurled at them. (Kimmel did the same thing back in March.)

Some choice morsels:

"I would rather chop my own arm off and f— myself with
my detached limb than watch 'Katy Perry the Movie,' What the f— is wrong with the world?"

"Dear God, give us back 2pac and we'll give you Justin Bieber."

"Did you know that if you skinned Larry King & ironed out his leather, you could make enough coats to give 1 to every poor child in America?"

"If u climbed inside Snooki's vagina it would probably be like the f—ing Pacific Ocean."

Watch the Twit parade roll by in the video.