Kristen Stewart, Spike Lee, Lena Dunham Weigh In on Diversity at TheWrap’s Sundance Studio (Video)

Actors, directors and studio execs call for diversity in Hollywood following #OscarsSoWhite controversy

In the wake of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and calls to boycott this years’ awards, TheWrap had some of Hollywood’s biggest players weigh in on the industry’s diversity crisis.

Actors, directors and studio execs all spoke about the issue at TheWrap’s interview studio at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Kristen Stewart, Lena Dunham, and director Spike Lee were just a few of those who called on the industry to take more steps to diversify.

“I’m convinced we’re on the right side of history,” said Lee, who is sitting out this year’s Oscars to protest of the lack of any acting nominees of color. “History will look back and say we were righteous.”

“I think we all need to buy in. I think we all need to really think about this idea of honest confrontation with our past,” said Nate Parker, the writer-director-star of “Birth of a Nation.” “We haven’t really dealt with it.”

Chelsea Handler, Danny DeVito, John Legend and Ellen Page were also among those who shared their thoughts on the subject, talking about their personal experiences dealing with diversity in Hollywood.

Watch the video above.