‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Kurt Yaeger Takes His BMX Skills to the UK (Video)

The actor, who lost his left leg after a motorcycle accident, is also professional BMX rider

Anything you can do with two legs, Kurt Yaeger can do better with one.

The former “Sons of Anarchy” star and pro-BMX rider, who lost his left leg after a motorcycle accident in 2006, put his bike tricks on display for all of the United Kingdom when he toured England and Scotland last fall with fellow bikers James Hitchcock and Huy Doan.

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Yaeger, last seen on CBS’ “NCIS,” caught their entire adventure on camera for an eight-part web series (above) that details his experience promoting the extreme sport overseas. The series features his visits to various charities, including Help For Heroes and William Henry Hospital Children’s Ward.

When he’s not acting or riding, Yaeger is also an advocate for disabled performers in an industry notorious for ignoring them.

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“You need to start having disabled people playing disabled characters. Period,” Yaeger previously told TheWrap for a story detailing the struggle the disabled face in Hollywood. “I want disabled characters being played by disabled people, but I also want characters that were written as able-body to be played by disabled actors.”