Halloween Blaze Shuts Down Magic Castle (Video)

Halloween festivities have been cancelled at the iconic Hollywood structure in the wake of a mid-day inferno

Hollywood’s iconic Magic Castle has been advertising that it would be "ON FIRE" for the last week of October, but on Monday that faux inferno gave way to a real fire that attacked the attic and walls of the old structure on Halloween.

The Los Angeles Fire Department tweeted that it has stopped the blaze, which began a bit after noon. No immediate cause has been given and no injuries have been reported, but the Castle will remain closed Monday night.

LAFD tweeted earlier that 120 firefighters had rushed to 7001 W. Franklin Avenue, not far from other Hollywood landmarks like Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the El Capitan. It then updated with its efforts to contain and eradicate the "stubborn" fire.

Here is a video of the firefighters' efforts:

For its part, the Castle tweeted to thank its followers: "Thank you all for your concern, support & understanding. This community is a tight-knit one & we can feel the love from around the world."

The castle is a members-only club for magicians and fans of the trade, so it is no surprise that Halloween is typically one of the landmark’s busiest times.

A few photos of the blaze and the firefighters have surfaced on Twitter and other websites, including this one.