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L.A. Teamsters Like the Comcast-NBCU Deal

“We believe that the transaction is in the interests of the workers we represent”

Comcast and NBC Universal’s $30 billion deal is drawing the support of the Los Angeles branch of the Teamsters Union.

In letters filed with the Federal Communications Commission, officials of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 399 and Teamsters Joint Council 42 suggest the deal would benefit workers.

“We believe that the Comcast-NBCU transaction is in the interests of the workers we represent, the motion picture industry and our economy as a whole,” said one of the letters signed by Leo T. Reed, director of the motion picture division of Local 399.

“NBC Universal will be combined with a company that understands the entertainment industry, values the content we produce and respects the efforts that go into making that content possible.”

Randy Cammack, vice president at large for the joint council, also praised the deal.

“The Comcast-GE joint venture is very much in the interests of our members,” said the letter. “We strongly belive that marrying two American entertainment companies will strengthen the economic future of our members.”