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Latino LA Times Journalists Tell Leadership the Paper ‘Continues to Fail’ Its Latino Audience

”Today, only 13% of The Times newsroom is Latino. Of 109 editors and managers, only 11% of them are Latino,“ said letter

The Los Angeles Times Guild’s Latino Caucus sent a letter to the newspaper’s leadership Tuesday, demanding internal changes and better representation and service for the paper’s Latino audience.

The letter, which was delivered exactly four weeks after the Black Caucus sent its own demand letter to leadership, was addressed to owner Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, as well as executive editor  Norman Pearlstine and managing editors Kimi Yoshino and Scott Kraft. It was signed by 78 Guild members.

It accused the Times of covering the Latino community in a “dehumanizing way” for much of its history, pointing out its past use of slurs and advocacy for the invasion of Latin American countries.

“Today The Times continues to fail, in its staffing and coverage, to reflect a region where nearly one of every two residents is Latino. In doing so it has neglected to serve what should be its largest audience,” said the letter.

It went on, “For decades, we’ve asked management to hire more of us, promote us and make us editors. But those calls have largely gone unanswered. Today, only 13% of The Times newsroom is Latino. Of 109 editors and managers, only 11% of them are Latino. The Times has only ever had three Latino masthead editors.”

A representative for the paper did not immediately return a request for comment on the letter.

The letter highlights the achievements of Latino journalists at the Times, affirms the letter from the Black Caucus, and calls on management to make changes.

Some of the demands include restructuring the staff to better reflect the makeup of Los Angeles, where Latinos are nearly half the population, and no longer treating Latinos as a minority group.

Here are the names of all who signed:

Tony Barboza 

Dylan Hernandez 

Maria Torres 

Eduardo M. Gonzalez 

Carolina A. Miranda 

Tomás Mier 

Brittny Mejia 

Jorge Castillo 

Jackeline Luna 

Cindy Carcamo 

Nancy Rivera Brooks 

Esmeralda Bermudez 

Gabriela Fernandez 

Patricia Escárcega 

Jessica Perez 

Fidel Martinez 

Paloma Esquivel 

Andrew J. Campa 

Elsie Ramos 

Ruben Vives 

Andrea Castillo 

Nicole Santa Cruz

Marina Levario

Martina Ibanez-Baldor 

Christian Orozco 

Gustavo Arellano 

Denise Florez 

Raul Roa 

Javier Panzar 

Nick Leyva 

Soudi Jimenez 

Betty Chavarria 

Eduard Cauich 

Jad El Reda 

Alejandra Reyes-Velarde 

Selene Rivera 

Steve Saldivar 

Leila Miller 

Sergio Burstein 

Dania Maxwell 

Alexa Díaz 

Julia Barajas 

Brian Contreras 

Joseph Serna 

Yadira Flores 

Priscella Vega 

Laura Zornosa 

Jose Salvador Mancia 

Melissa Gomez 

Gregory Diaz 

Jared Servantez 

Jade Cuevas 

Marilyn Ruiz 

Vanessa Martínez 

Dorany Pineda 

Mariel Garza 

Victor Barajas 

Diego Medrano 

Vera Castaneda 

Hillary Davis 

Hugo Martin 

Hector Becerra 

Vilma Cruz 

Efrain Hernandez Jr. 

Melody Gutierrez 

Ruthanne Salido 

Julissa James 

Yvonne Villarreal 

Carlos Santana 

Steve Padilla 

Frank Rojas 

Carlos Lozano 

J.R Lizarraga 

Taryn Luna 

Elsa Luna Jones 

Victoria Hernandez

Laurie Ochoa 

Lorena Elebee