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L.A. Times Publisher on King Kong Ad: ‘Our Readers Understand’

Eddy Hartenstein responds to criticism over stunt

More on the fake four-page wraparound for Universal Studios’ King Kong ride published by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors sent a letter to Tribune Co. chairman Sam Zell slamming the stunt.

“The cost of this distasteful practice to the people of Los Angeles County is far greater than any short-term gains by the Tribune Company,” part of the letter reads. "Today's mock section makes a mockery of the paper's mission."

L.A. Times publisher Eddy Hartenstein fired back on the paper’s blog:

“The Universal Studios Hollywood ad wrapping Thursday’s LATExtra section met our advertising guidelines, including a large, red ‘advertisement’ notification on top of the page. Our readers understand the ad-supported economic model of our business, which allows us to provide the outstanding journalism they rely upon 24/7.”