‘Labor of Love’ Finale: And the Man Who Kristy Chose to Start a Family With Is…

Was it Kyle or Stewart — or did she decide to go it alone as a single mom?

Labor of Love finale
Elizabeth Morris/Fox

(Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the “Labor of Love” finale.)

The first season of Fox’s very unconventional reality dating series “Labor of Love” concluded Thursday with a finale that saw Kristy Katzmann choose whether she wanted to start a family with Kyle or Stewart — or neither of her two finalists, and instead go it alone as a single mom.

Over the course of the hour long episode, titled “Sleepless in Chicago,” Stewart (a 40-year-old Los Angeles-based wealth management CEO) and Kyle (a 38-year-old director of sales and marketing who lives in Austin, Texas) each got to spend two back-to-back date-filled days with the 41-year-old “Bachelor” alum in her hometown.

Both of Kristy’s potential partners/future baby daddies — the two men left standing out of the 15 that the series kicked off with — spent time with her family and helped her get to know their own parents and siblings, too.

Come the end of the episode, Kristy had a heart-to-heart chat with host Kristin Davis about whether she wants to end up with Kyle or Stewart, or take the third option of being a solo parent. She didn’t decide right then, of course, but Kristin wished her good luck before leaving her to think it over.

Kristy then went to Stewart to tell him as much as she liked their relationship and his qualities, “it’s still not enough.”

“And I feel like I’m falling in love with Kyle,” she told Stewart. “I think that’s what’s so hard. I really wanted it to be you. This is is the hardest decision that I’ve ever had to make. But I have to just trust what I feel.”

Stewart responded: “Obviously this is not how I saw it going, but just know that there is somebody across the country that thinks the world of you — and I mean that.”

Then Kristy went to meet Kyle, beginning by telling him how deeply she felt for him before saying, “I need to know if you’re comfortable starting a family with me this year.”

“I know it’s right and I’m ready to start a family with you,” Kyle said. “If that’s this year, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

That’s when Kristy said, “I choose you. I knew that I was falling for you and that’s what I wanted this whole time.”

Kyle said he “couldn’t imagine being a father without you next to me,” and then the couple kissed before heading off to see Kristy’s fertility doctor, who has been with her every step of the way through “Labor of Love.”

“I know it’s been a long journey,” he told the pair. “Kyle, we measured your sperm when you first came in and your counts were really excellent. So together with your count and the analysis we have with regard to your hormonal profile, we have a decent probability of all this working. So if you guys want to try naturally, I would suggest you do that as soon as possible.”

Best of luck, Kyle and Kristy!