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Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Promo Brings Amazon to Its Knees

Online retailer nearly suffers a meltdown after offering the ”Judas“ singer’s new album for less than a buck.

Amazon.com has just been Gaga-ed.

The online retailer felt the awesome power of Gaga's army of little monsters on Monday when it offered the singer's new album, "Born This Way," at a one-day-only promotional price of 99 cents. A great deal, to be sure — but not so kind to the company's servers. The number of people rushing to grab up a copy of the album at that price slowed downloads down to a crawl.

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Luckily for fans, the company will honor the deal for anyone who orders the album on Monday.

"We have been experiencing high volume and downloads of today’s Deal of the Day, 'Lady Gaga, Born This Way,' have been delayed," the company announced in a statement on Monday. "All customers who order this album today will get the full  album for $0.99."

By contrast, the album, which was released on Monday, is fetching $11.99 on iTunes.