Lady Gaga — No, She Doesn’t Have a Film — Steals the Spotlight in Cannes

At the other end of the Croisette, Gaga dances ‘Judas’ for screaming fans while Woody can only look gorgeous | VIDEO

Lady Gaga achieved virtual global ubiquity on Wednesday when she managed to appear on both “American Idol” and then — surprise! — turn up live on the French Riviera where she had nothing to do with the film festival but stole the spotlight anyway.

Gaga performed her new single, “Judas,” on the open-air stage along the beach where Canal Plus broadcasts its daily news show, at the far end from the Palais de Festival. (See video below)

Surprise, she had a new outfit that words can only partially describe: a bright red cape over a Baroque matador suit, with heavy gold medalling. The hair — black bangs, platinum locks.

“Je vous adore Cannes!” she chirped in French.

You’d never know Lady Gaga had a new album coming out on May 23.


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The French journalists asked a few questions, like:

How do you not go crazy? You’re an interplanetary star – does that scare you?

"I was already crazy. I have to be honest, I am just so grateful I get to make music every day and perform every night.

She added: "I’m relentless, I never stop."

True that.