Lady Gaga’s 5 Most Outrageous Moments (So Far)

As the “Judas” singer prepares to outdo herself at this year’s Video Music Awards, TheWrap looks back on how she’s kept our attention so far.

MTV president Stephen Friedman has promised that Lady Gaga will open Sunday night's Video Music Awards by doing something "the world has never seen from her before." That's a pretty tall order, because the world has seen many, many things from the "Alejandro" singer — many of them outlandish, outrageous and utterly jaw-dropping.

While the world waits to see how the "Judas" chanteuse will top herself this time out, let's look back at the "Judas" singer's most attention-grabbing antics to date. Prepare yourself for a cavalcade of outlandishness.

5. The "Alejandro" Video

From Gaga's album "The Fame Monster," the song "Alejandro" recounts the singer's romantic fondness for a man who's, in her words, "Hot like Mexico." So how does she illustrate the concept in her video? Oh, by sucking suggestively on a crucifix and rosary beads while wearing a pair of panties of a big red cross on them. It was as if she was trying to make the Vatican itself levitate with righteous outrage.

4. Gaga Takes in a Ball Game

Last June, Lady Gaga celebrated our national pastime by crashing clubhouse at Yankee Stadium while wearing a Yankees jersey matched with, uh, lingerie. This was also around the time that she outraged Mets fans by showing up at Citi Field half-naked and flipping off the photographers who dared to notice her. Or maybe she was indicating, "strike one"?

3. Lady Gaga Ziplines — or Tries to — Into her "Good Morning America" appearance
Caught in a bad romance? More like caught in a malfunctioning apparatus of her own design. In a literal attempt to take her reputation for stunts higher, Gaga attempted to zipline into her performance at "Good Morning America's" Summertime Concert series this may. Unfortunately, a malfunction made the effort seem more comical than epic.

2. Lady Gaga Beefs Up Her Wardrobe

The singer shows up at the 2010 Video Music Awards to pick up her Video of the Year statuette while draped in several pounds of raw meat. Didn't her mother ever tell her that millions of children go to bed hungry every night? And have no clothes to wear? She could have killed two birds with one stone with this ensemble.


1. Lady Gaga Eggs Herself On

In a seeming effort to prove that she's not limited to the Meat Group when it comes to food-related outlandishness, the singer showed up for the 2011 Grammy Awards red carpet encased in a gigantic, see-through egg. An artistic statement about rebirth, or blatant bid for an endorsement from the Egg Advisory Board? You decide.