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Fox News Guest Larry Elder Compares Grammys ‘WAP’ Performance to a ‘Strip Club’ (Video)

One day later, there was plenty of chatter about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

Conservative radio host Larry Elder compared Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi Bi’s Grammys performance of “WAP” on Sunday night to a trip to the strip club.

When asked Monday on Fox News’ noon show “Outnumbered” what he thought of Sunday’s Grammys, the pundit first distanced himself from awards shows, insisting he only watches because his girlfriend is a “recovering actress.”

“I promised myself when I was younger, I wouldn’t do the same thing my parents did regarding my music,” he said, calling his parent’s “old school” before doubling back on his youthful promise.

“I thought I had entered into a strip club. It was absolutely … Whatever happened to being able to sing, play an instrument, dance? What happened to those skills?” he demanded.

“They can do all of that,” pointed out host Harris Faulkner. “They’re also doing everything else.”

Elder later replied online to TheWrap’s tweet of the story, saying he “Felt guilty I didn’t tip,” presumably referencing the Megan Thee Stallion-Cardi Bi performance.

Harris was less unimpressed with the performance than with the G-rating assigned to the show. She went on to question why CBS didn’t just “give a mom a heads-up” about some of the content matter.

The mixed reactions to “WAP” and other risqué moments from the awards program were predicted in real time Sunday night as the performance trended on Twitter and garnered instant responses.

Before the performance, the main question was simply how the rap duo would be able to pull off the song, considering its explicit lyrics. The answer was simple: they replaced most of the words and bleeped out the ones that couldn’t be easily replaced.

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