Laura Ingraham Takes Vacation Amid David Hogg Outrage (Video)

Parkland shooting survivor spearheads advertiser boycott of Ingraham’s Fox News show after she insults him on Twitter

Laura Ingraham announced Friday night that she is taking next week off for what she described as a pre-scheduled Easter vacation with her children. But the timing of her announcement had many observers wondering if the Fox News host is trying to get out of the way of an ongoing boycott effort led by Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

On Wednesday, Ingraham was roundly criticized after she publicly mocked Hogg for being rejected by several California colleges. Hogg responded by encouraging his followers on Twitter to contact her advertisers.

On Thursday morning, after three advertisers bolted, Ingraham attempted to mitigate the situation with an apology. “On reflection, in the spirit of Holy Week, I apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of Parkland,” she tweeted.

Hogg rejected that apology, and Ingraham didn’t follow up on it, or mention the boycott at all, during her Thursday night show. But the boycott campaign continued overnight, and by Friday, at least 12 advertisers had ended sponsorship of “the Ingraham Angle.”

By taking a vacation in the middle of a severe public relations headache, Ingraham is following a path blazed by fellow Fox host Sean Hannity, and former Fox Host Bill O’Reilly. Hannity took a Memorial Day vacation during an advertiser boycott in May 2017 after he promoted a conspiracy theory surrounding the death of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

A month earlier, O’Reilly took an unannounced vacation amid reports of payouts to settle multiple sexual harassment accusations against him. The uproar saw O’Reilly lose nearly all of his advertisers, and he was ultimately fired by the network while still on vacation.

A Fox News representative declined to comment on the timing of Ingraham’s announcement, but did tell TheWrap that her vacation “was planned.” That didn’t stop social media users from speculating otherwise, however.