Laura Ling Will Be Talkin’ Bath Salts on E! Next Month

Laura Ling will be exploring the world of modern unconventional drugs on “Society X With Laura Ling” premiere

Laura Ling will tackle the modern plague of bath salts and other contemporary intoxicants on Oct. 3, when her new series “Society X With Laura Ling” premieres on E!

On the series premiere, Ling will explore the trend of getting high on bath salts, spice and synthetic hallucinogens, E! said on Tuesday.

Ling goes along on a raid a suspected drug dealer’s smoke shop in the first episode of the documentary-style series.

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The television journalist “discovers where these drugs are derived, who buys them, who sells them, who is using them and why they are so difficult to legally regulate,” E! said of the episode. “She also interviews users themselves about the damaging effects these drugs have had on them, and speaks at length to one currently addicted person about his daily usage and whether he has any plans to stop.”

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“Society  X With Laura Ling” aims to “investigate a number of pop culture trends that are gaining momentum on the fringes of society, yet which are questionable to those in the mainstream,” E! said of the upcoming series, adding that it “opens the aperture on today’s most fascinating and of-the-moment fads, lifestyles and underground worlds.”