Laverne Cox, Jack McBrayer, Nick Offerman Record Sex Ed Video for ‘Last Week Tonight’ (Video)

On Sunday night’s episode, John Oliver enlisted some Hollywood stars to help teach kids about consent, contraception and crocodile poop

According to John Oliver, sex education in schools is lacking, so some Hollywood stars stepped in to help.

Laverne Cox, Jack McBrayer, Nick OffermanKumail Nanjiani and more talked intercourse and abstinence in this week’s episode of “Last Week Tonight,” after Oliver told his audience what’s wrong with sex education in schools today. 

With kids going back to school next week, Oliver says it is necessary for students to get adequate (and honest) sexual education. He states that only 13 states in the U.S. require that instruction be medically accurate, and that Mississippi prohibits condom demonstration in sex ed classes — not surprisingly, the state ranks second in teen pregnancy.

“Human sexuality, unlike calculus, is actually something you have to know for the rest of your life,” the talk show host said.

While throwing out other statistics, such as the fact that only 22 states mandate sex education, he also states that many children are confused about what consent actually means. He spent the majority of the episode talking about how historic sex ed videos, speakers and teachers have created misunderstandings about the topic.

Acknowledging the problem, various “30 Rock,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Silicon Valley” stars joined Oliver on the show.

Oliver’s guests walk viewers through the anatomy of the human body, discuss consent, teach them how to put a condom on produce and remind the audience about the power of “no.”

“Remember, you can always say no,” Offerman says.

“Even halfway through, you can say no,” former “30 Rock” cast member Kristin Schaal says.

In the interests of thoroughness, sexually-transmitted diseases also receive attention.

“‘Most people will get HPV’ is both technically true…” McBrayer says.

After which Aisha Tyler says: “…and what you tend to hear right before someone gives you HPV.”

Watch the video.