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Lawrence O’Donnnell: Mel Gibson Wears a Mask to Restaurants? (Video, Updated)

Just when you thought you’d heard everything about Mel Gibson, we learn something new

Updated on Sunday April 15 at 5:30 PST:

I've confirmed the news below with an individual formerly close to Gibson. Yes, the actor has not one but several masks that he wears to go out in public. Yes, they were made by a top-notch Hollywood prosthetic and make-up artist, and apparently it is impossible to tell that they are not a real person.

This individual tells me that Gibson uses these to go out of state which may be problematic given the strictures of his custody agreement over his daughter, Lucia, with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.


Just when you thought you’d heard everything about Mel Gibson, we learned something new.

On the Lawrence O’Donnell Show on Thursday night,  the host said something unexpected. A screenwriter who had worked with the movie star told him that the description of Gibson in the Joe Eszterhas letter sounded like the Gibson he knew.

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And one other thing: “He wears a facemask to go out to restaurants.” Yes, you read right: This person said Gibson has had a face mask made, which he frequently wears in public.

Check it out below, with myself, O’Donnell, and Rabbi Marvin Hier, who says he hopes Gibson “chooses another career.”

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