Lena Dunham Has Cat Keychain That Could ‘Gut Somebody’ and Almost Got Her Arrested (Video)

Apparently, the TSA frowns upon bringing brass knuckle kitties with knife-like ears on a commercial plane

Do not try to rob Lena Dunham.

The “Girls” creator, writer and star carries around an over-the-knuckles keychain shaped like a cat with “two ears that could, like, gut somebody,” she told “Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Thursday.

In a recent attempt at air travel, the TSA strongly frowned upon her choice of key ring. Security took her aside and called the cops, not allowing Dunham to use the phone until the whole matter was sorted out.

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“If I had seen this happen, I would have said, ‘Oh, they’re shooting an episode of ‘Girls,'” Meyers admitted during Dunham’s wild story.

“I cried, and then I called my mom,” Dunham concluded. But instead of the sympathetic ear that the actress was counting on, her mother was mostly just concerned about if anyone saw the incident and tweeted about it.

Dunham hosts Meyers’ old show, “Saturday Night Live,” on March 8 with musical guest The National.

Watch the clip: