Letterman Calls Romney ‘Delusional’: ‘Mitt, Get a Hold of Yourself, We Don’t Hate You’

Letterman calls Paul Ryan Romney's "little buddy Gilligan"

David Letterman pleaded with Mitt Romney to return to "The Late Show," saying the Republican presidential candidate was "delusional" if he thinks Letterman hates him.

On Thursday's episode, Letterman said he was "darned upset" with Romney. He noted that in a May talk with donors that was leaked this week, Romney said, "Letterman hates me" for doing Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" more than his show.

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"Well, that's absolutely, the man is delusional if he thinks, honest to God, if he thinks I hate him," Letterman said Thursday night. He said Romney was welcome on the show anytime, and could bring his wife — whom Letterman calls "Mrs. Mitt," and running mate Paul Ryan, whom Letterman called Romney's "little buddy Gilligan."

"We don't hate you, Mitt. We don't hate people," Letterman said. He said he has repeatedly invited Romney, who he said was a "wonderful guest" in past appearances on the show, to return again during the campaign. He said the show had made more than a hundred offers.

"Let me ask you something, Mitt. If we hated you, why do we keep begging you to be on the show?" Letterman asked.

"Let me just draw an analogy," Letterman said. "When George W. Bush was president for eight years, we didn’t have to write a single joke. Eight years. We loved George W. Bush. Yeah, we cut our writing staff down to one or two people. That’s all we needed. We loved him. And I said over and over, George W. Bush, I believe, I still believe it today, was our cutest president, cutest president. We are not in the hate business. We are here looking to make friends."

It was the second consecutive night that Letterman invited Romney back to the show and assured him that he does not hate him.

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