Liberal Twitter Says MSNBC Got Suckered Into Cutting Ties With Sam Seder

“This clearly sardonic 8-yo tweet is an incredibly stupid and cowardly excuse for MSNBC to fire someone, esp since goaded into it by Mr Pizzagate himself,” tweeted Mother Jones’ Editor-in-chief

sam seder

MSNBC’s decision to cut ties with contributor Sam Seder in response to an old tweet sparked a strong response from a lot of well known left-wing Twitter users, who say the network capitulated to a bad-faith smear campaign initiated by alt-right figure Mike Cernovich.

Joining the fray were many notable names, with even MSNBC host Chris Hayes retweeting someone else’s tweet criticizing the move before himself tweeting: “The entire culture and our politics are now dominated by people who have weaponized bad faith and shamelessness.”

Others included in the backlash are Slate political correspondent Jamelle Bouie, Mother Jones Editor-in-chief Clara Jeffrey, Huffington Post’s Ashley Feinberg Daily Beast senior editor Andrew Kirell, and even Bill Corbett from “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

At issue is both the joke itself, which critics of MSNBC’s decision insist is at the expense of rape apologists rather than itself a piece of rape apologia, and Cernovich’s involvement. Cernovich is a well known hard-right firebrand who has risen to prominence in the age of Trump, and Liberal Twitter says his campaign against Seder over the tweet was made in bad faith, willfully disregarding the true meaning of the joke.

Here’s Seder’s 2009 tweet, which has been deleted: “Don’t care re Polanski, but I hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man w/a great sense of mise en scene.” Cernovich claimed the joke was in earnest, but Seder said the joke satirized liberals in Hollywood who made excuses for Roman Polanski, who was convicted for the 1977 sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl.

We’ve reach out to MSNBC for comment on the backlash but have not yet received a response.

Below you’ll find a sampling of the Twitter response to the news that MSNBC was ending its relationship with Seder.