Lil Wayne, Blake Shelton and Fame’s Roller Coaster Ride: Wrap Trends (Video)

Pity “Star Wars” newbies John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, says TheWrap’s Jordan Burchette. They’ve been tossed into the Hollywood lagoon without a paddle or a tetanus shot

Being famous is hard, and sometimes stars burn themselves out.

Lil Wayne recently fell victim to his own success when his home was raided by law enforcement officers seizing $2 million in property. Miami police reportedly confiscated several pieces from the rapper’s art collection to settle a debt he owed to a private jet company.

“It’s days like 2day dat make me ? everything,even myself,” Wayne wrote on Twitter the day of the raid. “But I guess dis is da thx I get. Sum times it’s tough 2b tough & even tougher 2b me.”

Millions of dollars worth of art and private jets? Doesn’t get tougher than that.

But it’s not always bad news for celebrities. Take Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani‘s new romance, for instance. Maybe the two “Voice” coaches will be able to overcome the burden that is being beautiful, famous and very, very rich. One can only hope.

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