Lindsay Lohan Hit With $1M Assault Suit

Former Betty Ford Center employee says “Mean Girls” star hurt her wrist when she tried to breathalyze the actress

Never get in the way of Lindsay Lohan and a phone.

The “Mean Girls” star was slapped with $1 million law suit on Thursday by a worker at the rehab center where the actress received treatment for drug and alcohol addictions.

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Dawn Bradley, a former chemical dependency technician at the Betty Ford Center, alleges that in December 2010 Lohan attacked her after she confronted the actress about her decision to sneak out of the Rancho Mirage facility with two other patients.

According to a copy of the suit on TMZ, Lohan threw a phone at Bradley and twisted her wrist after she tried to breathalyze the actress.

“In attempting to pull the phone out of Plaintiff’s hand, Defendant grabbed and pulled Plaintiff’s right wrist, twisting it and pulling it for 8-10 seconds,” the suit reads.

Lohan also purportedly cursed at Bradley and called her “derogatory” names.

An attorney for Lohan did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

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Bradley is suing Lohan for inflicting mental and physical pain and suffering. In addition to damages, she wants the actress to pay for treatment for the post-traumatic stress she suffered as a result of the incident and physical therapy for her injured wrist.

Bradley was fired by the Betty Ford Center shortly after the incident occurred. The center said she violated Lohan’s confidentiality by talking to TMZ about her scuffle with the actress.

Lohan, who has been dogged by legal problems and addiction issues for the past few years, spent three months at the center after failing a court-ordered drug test.