Lindsay Lohan Blasted for Lingerie-Clad Tribute to France Attack Victims

“Tone deaf, but then again, what could be expected from you?” one critic hisses at “Mean Girls” star

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan is encountering naked aggression over her ill-considered tribute to victims of the recent attacks in Nice, France.

The “Mean Girls” star was ripped to shreds on her Instagram account after posting a tribute to the victims of last week’s deadly attack in Nice, France — accompanied by a photo of herself clad in lingerie.

Lohan began her tribute on a philosophical note, writing, “If history were to be folded … Where would we put the crease?”

The actress continued, “Pray for the ones we lose everyday and appreciate every breathe [sic] you we all [sic] take.”

Lohan punctuated her half-naked message with the hashtags “#nice” and “#turkey.”

To recap: Dozens were killed and others were injured last week when a truck loaded with arms and grenades plowed into a Bastille Day crowd.

The post didn’t leave some commenters feeling very appreciative.

Said one critic, “Tone deaf, but then again, what could be expected from you?”

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Another detractor called her tribute “perverse,” writing, “Persons who want others to pay attention [to] them are really stupid cause commenting tragic occurrences in this way is really perverse….”

Lohan is no stranger to inappropriate Instagram posts. In November, she was lambasted for posting a picture of herself dressed as Manson Family murder victim Sharon Tate — on Charles Manson’s birthday.

Maybe Lohan should take a note from Mischa Barton and make with the apologies already.