Lindsay Lohan Is a ‘Prisoner’ on OWN Series: ‘It’s My Last Shot’

The narrative of the actress’ new show is set on the debut episode: Who’s the real enemy here?

The much-anticipated OWN series starring Lindsay Lohan, titled simply “Lindsay,” already sets the season’s storyline on Sunday’s premiere episode: Who’s the biggest threat to Lohan? The outside world or the actress herself?

Director Amy Rice followed the “Mean Girls” actress as she decided to relocate from Los Angeles to New York City. The actress felt that a change of scenery and being closer to her family would give her stability as she tries to stay sober. At one point, Lohan acknowledged that the next few months are important ones.

“It’s my last shot,” the actress said of her career.

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In setting up the series, it shared Oprah Winfrey‘s pre-interview with the star ahead of the taping of her August interview on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Winfrey asked the question she poses to all her guests: What do you want from this interview?

“Just to be me, be honest and open,” Lohan answered and Winfrey promised she’d call the actress out if she felt she wasn’t sticking to that path.

The truth is probably the hardest thing to discern on the premiere episode. We hear what Lohan wants, but we’re unsure what happens off-camera and just how much she participates in situations where she feels others have wronged her.

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There are plenty of examples of this on the episode. She promised to be in London to do press for her movie, “The Canyons,” but pulled out because she’s worried about how the pressure will affect her sobriety and that the press will really only want to ask her about her recent stint in rehab. In turn, director Paul Schrader told reporters that he felt like he “was held hostage” by the actress during the shooting of the film, clearly disappointed she was skipping out on its promotion.

Yet, there are some real challenges to being Lindsay Lohan. The paparazzi are clearly out of control. They stood outside her hotel and followed her to events. One boldly held up his watch to OWN’s cameras and said, “Lindsay paid for it.”

At one point, she’s unable to attend her AA meeting because the paparazzi would follow her there and she’s worried about the other people at the meeting and their privacy. When Rice asked if she ever felt like a she’s a prisoner, Lohan answered, “Yes, all the time.”

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She also goes for more than a month in New York City unable to find an apartment. Lohan said that finding the place is the easy part, but then the building’s board finds out who she is and doesn’t want her as a neighbor or they raise the rent. At one point, she’s very close to signing a lease when a last-minute clause requiring her to purchase a $10 million insurance policy gets added – something her realtor said is a standard amount though Lohan argues that she isn’t your standard renter. Truth.

At other times, it’s clear Lohan may not know what she needs. She wants stability, yet she orders her personal assistant to switch her hotel room and move her belongings (which are strewn all over her hotel room like an episode of “Hoarders”).

The show shoots only her second visit with her mother since leaving rehab. Why has she only seen her mother once since rehab if her family is such a force for stability? And, her father? Well, he hasn’t quite been her best protector either and has yet to appear during Lohan’s first month in NYC.

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She’s a living example of contradictions. Lohan does come off as very courteous to others, greeting her drivers, the hotel staff who open the door for her, etc., though at one point she decided to change her clothes during a realtor appointment and literally goes shopping for new duds while the realtor stands outside on the sidewalk.

It remains to be seen if Lohan can herself begin to decipher during the course of the season ahead the difference between when others are gunning for her and when she’s holding the gun.

“Lindsay” airs Sundays at 10/9c on OWN.