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Lindsay Lohan in Playboy: I Should Have Taken People’s Advice

Troubled actress admits to ”stubbornness“ in her wayward youth

Lindsay Lohan is baring a bit more than her flesh in the latest issue of Playboy.

The troubled "Mean Girls" starlet — who graces the cover and appears in a nude 10-page pictorial in the January/February 2012 issue of Hugh Hefner's venerable skin magazine — also opens up about her checkered past in the accompanying interview.

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The 25-year-old actress, whose legal woes are a matter of very public record (she's currently serving community service and attending court-mandated therapy sessions after violating her probation) admits to "stubbornness" in her wayward youth, and cops to the fact that her life might have been set on a much different path had she heeded others' advice.

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“[U]ltimately we are each responsible for ourselves and for our actions," Lohan says. "Looking back, I probably would have listened to and taken more advice from the people whom I admire and would have followed through with it more. My stubbornness at 18 and 19 years old got in the way. During the past five years, I’ve learned that time flies faster than you think, and because you only live once you have to learn from your mistakes, live your dreams and be accountable.”

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Naturally, this being Playboy, the subject of sex pops up, and Lohan has her thoughts on that too — though she takes her cues from Marilyn Monroe, whom she emulates in the pictorial.

“Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, and I go along with nature," Lohan asserts. "I think Marilyn Monroe once said that. I certainly agree with her. Knowing yourself and your body is so important because it gives you confidence, and in life, women need confidence. It’s a very male-dominated world to begin with, so knowing yourself and being comfortable with your body is an important thing for me as a woman. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is mine.”

Another thing Lohan feels entitled to? Her privacy. The actress's every move and utterance has been tracked relentlessly by the paparazzi and the tabloids, and she professes cluelessness in her interview as to what the interest is.

“I have no idea why there is this fascination with everything I do," Lohan offers. "I suppose it is all part of this trend of people wanting to know every single detail of a celebrity’s life. I mean, once we get to the point where magazines are doing pictorials on my wardrobe to court, that’s just so unimportant.”

The January/February 2012 issue of Playboy, available now at www.playboy.com/lohan, will arrive on newsstands "around Friday, December 16," according to the magazine.