Lindsay Lohan’s Jail Sentence Delayed for Playboy Shoot (Report)

Justice is blind — but apparently not to nudie-mag pictorials

Did Judge Stephanie Sautner postpone Lindsay Lohan's time behind bars so that the actress could spend some time in front of Playboy's cameras first?

According to TMZ, it is so.

During Lohan's probation violation hearing Wednesday, Sautner sentenced the "Mean Girls" star to 30 days in jail, which she must surrender for by Nov. 9. Individuals connected to the actress told TMZ that Sautner didn't immediately remand her to jail so that Lohan would have time to pose for Hugh Hefner's venerable skin mag.

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As reported earlier, Lohan will receive nearly $1 million to shed her clothes for Playboy.

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Sautner reportedly relented and postponed the sentence at the request of Lohan's lawyer, who told the judge in chambers that Lohan had a contract with Playboy to fulfill. And since the contract called for the shoot to take place this week, time in the pokey would have placed Lohan in breach of contract.

Apparently, Sautner felt that violating an agreement with a nudie mag is a more serious infraction than violating one's probation conditions.

Couldn't they just have combined the jail sentence and the photo-shoot, and gone for a "Caged Heat" theme?

Meanwhile, Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, tells The Insider that Lindsay has indeed secured the cover for her issue of Playboy.

According to Ma Lohan, her spawn will choose the cover from a variety of options with Playboy patriarch Hugh Hefner.

"[Lindsay] and Mr. Hefner will decide," Lohan said of her daughter's nude photo-shoot, in a not-at-all creepy manner. "She'll pick 5 cover [options], he'll pick the one he wants."

Alas, according to Dina, LiLo will not be showing the full goods in the pictorial.

"It will be tastefully done," Dina revealed. "She's been working in front of the camera with Ford Models since she was a little girl so she kinda knows how to work that."

Lindsay Lohan, tasteful? Someone pass the smelling salts, please…