Lisa Kudrow on ‘Friends’ Musical: It’d Better Prominently Feature ‘Smelly Cat’ (Video)

It doesn’t seem like the “Neighbors” actress has much love left for Phoebe Buffay

Lisa Kudrow joined Conan O’Brien to promote her film “Neighbors,” but she mostly ended up talking about her snobby high school days, prude college years and begrudgingly addressing rumors of a potential “Friends” musical.

When prompted by the host about the likelihood of the Broadway-style show, Kudrow seemed disinterested in revisiting her old sitcom for what must be the millionth time: “I don’t know,” said Kudrow. “I wouldn’t even be consulted.”

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When Conan asked if it would be a good musical, she simply replied “sure.”

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But then Kudrow came around on the idea a bit. “The big ‘Smelly Cat’ number’s fantastic, you’ve gotta see it,” she finally joked.

Watch the video: