Little Girl Goes on Epic Rant Against Hillary Clinton: ‘Nobody Likes You’ (Video)

She will be an internet celebrity, thanks to Matt Drudge

A cute little girl’s rant against Hillary Clinton on YouTube and had less than 200 views when conservative internet news curator Matt Drudge posted the video Friday of the lass saying Clinton “is a bad person.”

Shortly thereafter, thousands had made her the must-see video of the day. Drudge is a traffic monster and posting a link to the video could make the girl an instant celebrity.

“Nobody likes Hillary. She is a bad person,” the girl says while looking into the camera. “Donald Trump is the greatest person in the whole entire world.”

The girl goes on to say that Clinton “needs god and Jesus” and is “ashamed of herself.”

The little girl, who is clearly being egged on by an off-camera adult, doesn’t hide who she supports in the upcoming election.

“I love Donald Trump, you are the best person I ever heard in my whole entire life,” she continued. “So, never say you like Hillary. She’s so bad. Thank you.”

Drudge is an outspoken Trump supporter who is quick to post anything that makes Clinton look bad. His popular website has been a frequent destination for alt-right rumors, such as Clinton needing pillows to prop herself up and other stories related to her health.

Check out the video above.