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Little Women, Big Brains

An unrecognized minority is standing tall in the U.S. with the nomination of Elana Kagan

I find it interesting that a heretofore unrecognized minority has been afforded an opportunity to use brain power in service to the United States of America by being nominated by President Obama to the Supreme Court. 

Elena Kagen is a short woman with a big brain. President Obama and Vice President Biden walked forward to present the nominee. 

The President spoke in glowing praise of the woman who came, not from monied privilege, but rather from a hardworking, middle class family. So it was with some regret I noticed when it was time for Ms. Kagen to step forward to speak behind the podium, they had to pull out a box for her to stand on so she could be seen and reach the microphone.

This was an important occasion for women. Ms. Kagen was, after all, the first woman Solicitor General before being nominated to the highest court in the land. 

My heart sank when she had to stand on a box — though she showed good-natured humor at the situation. 

I’m a person of somewhat short stature (5’ 1” and seeming to shrink with age). I’ve found that when in group pictures with casts of movies or TV shows, I appear to be a disembodied head. 

While Ms. Kagen is diminutive, she most certainly is not dim. I’m just sorry she had to appear “less than” because of her short stature on a day when she should have been on “top of the world”.   

NOTE: I bet you thought I was going to talk about whether she is a lesbian or not. That’s nobody’s business but her own.

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