Local Radio Hosts Hurt Donald Trump in Wisconsin GOP Primary

Conservative talk radio hosts bash Trump in the Badger State

donald trump
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A group of conservative talk radio hosts may be partly responsible for Ted Cruz beating Donald Trump in Tuesday’s critical Wisconsin primary.

The group has been largely critical of Trump, according to CNN. Recent combative interviews with Trump, including one with “Never Trump” leader Charlie Sykes, caused the GOP frontrunner to respond at recent campaign rallies.

“This morning I was interviewed by a very good radio guy — not the whack job that interviewed me — his name is Sykes? … Oh, he is the worst,” Trump said at a rally in Rothschild, Wisconsin, on Saturday.

Six prominent radio hosts throughout the state criticized Trump on their shows. Jerry Bader, Jeff Wagner, Mark Belling, Vicki McKenna and Jay Weber joined Sykes in questioning everything from Trump’s treatment of Heidi Cruz, the wife of presidential rival Ted Cruz, to his temperament.

So why didn’t Trump simply hang up, or stop appearing on the conservative shows?

“You take on the enemy. You take them on. You absolutely take them on,” Trump said.

After losing Wisconsin to Cruz, it appears more likely than ever that none of the remaining GOP candidates will reach the required number of delegates for an automatic nomination and that Cleveland will host an open convention in July.