Hispanic Group Asks: Did ‘Logan’ Director Call TheWrap Reporter a Roach?

“Our community will not forget it,” says head of the National Hispanic Media Coalition

Last Updated: March 8, 2017 @ 7:18 PM

“Logan” director James Mangold is under fire from a Hispanic media group that questioned whether he referred to TheWrap film reporter Umberto Gonzalez as a roach over the weekend.

Alex Nogales, president & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, focused on Mangold in a statement provided to TheWrap on Wednesday.

“When I was growing up picking the fruits and vegetables in season up and down the state of California, there were signs everywhere that said ‘No Dogs or Mexicans Allowed.’ We were called many derogatory names in those times, among them cockroaches,”  Nogales said. “James Mangold is of the age where the use of this slur was still prevalent, and if he is referring to Umberto Gonzalez as a cockroach, or if he is referring to the cholos that appear in the opening sequence of his film as cockroaches, he is a racist and our community will not forget it.”

A representative for Mangold did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Although Logan does fight with some Hispanic men early in the film, no one uses any slurs against them.

Mangold’s use of the word “roaches” came during a heated Twitter exchange on Saturday, when Mangold accused Gonzalez — who uses the Twitter handle @elmayimbe — of harboring a “delusional sense of vindication” regarding a teaser for the upcoming “Deadpool” sequel appearing before “Logan” in the theaters.

“After reporting Deadpool appearing in LOGAN, @elmayimbe manages a delusional sense of vindication that there was a teaser b4 the film,” Mangold wrote. “SAD!”

Here’s the background. In December, Gonzalez reported for TheWrap that “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds had shot a scene for “Logan” — and cited a person close to the project who said the scene would most likely appear after the credits. Mangold, Reynolds and “Logan” star Hugh Jackman issued denials, which TheWrap promptly reported.

As theatergoers learned when “Logan” premiered in theaters last week, the segment Gonzalez reported on was actually a teaser for “Deadpool 2” that plays immediately before “Logan” and features Deadpool trying to foil a mugging outside a theater with “Logan” on the marquee, then mentioning Logan and imitating Jackman’s Australian accent.

Gonzalez and TheWrap noted that there was indeed a “Logan”-affiliated “Deadpool” sequence, as did several others.

Fox 46 news presenter Erick Weber tweeted, “@mang0ld @elmayimbe That’s kinda in the ballpark.”

Weber also tweeted, “Hey man, I don’t have a dog in the proverbial fight but there’s a shred of truth to DEADPOOL involved, trailer debut.”

Another Gonzalez supporter tweeted, “James as much as I love Logan, ur being a bit of an as-hole to a reporter that did his job. And wasn’t wrong.”

Gonzalez replied that Mangold was playing “a semantics game,” tweeting, “Didn’t report Deadpool would be in LOGAN, reported scene most likely a post credits sequence. You’re playing a semantics game & that’s SAD!”

When a fan tweeted to Mangold, “Amidst all the drama, you made an amazing film. Thank you for that,” Mangold replied: “Thank you. No drama. Just spraying roaches.”

After reporting Deadpool appearing in LOGAN, @elmayimbe manages a delusional sense of vindication that there was a teaser b4 the film. SAD!