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‘Mad Men’ and Mannequins: Season 5’s Striking New Ad

Don Draper, lost in undressed window dressing

When Don Draper looks at his reflection, he sees himself surrounded by dummies.

No, it's not that Mr. That's What the Money Is For has lost patience with his ad agency underlings. In the newest promotional poster for the show's long-awaited fifth season, Draper looks in a storefront window and sees mannequins on either side of him.

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They just may speak to some deep-seated issues. One, a male figure, sits luxuriantly in slippers, pajamas and a bathrobe. The other, a female, stands as naked as the day she was assembled.

"This is a dreamlike image,” show creator Matthew Weiner told The New York Times, adding that it was "a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be."

"By the end of the season," he added, "I guarantee you’ll know what it is about."

We've already guessed: This season, Draper gets a job in a department store where one sexy mannequin keeps coming alive at night and — what? That's been done?

AMC's "Mad Men" returns with its two-hour season premiere March 25.

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