TCA: AMC Gives ‘Mad Men’ a Fifth Season, ‘The Killing’ Gets Airdate

But network has no airdate for advertising drama

AMC is optimistic that we'll get to find out if Don Draper will really marry his secretary.

"Mad Men is definitely coming back for Season 5, but don't ask me when, because we're not sure yet," Joel Stillerman, AMC's senior vice president of original programming, told reporters at the Television Critics Association Friday.

The network did give an airdate for new series "The Killing," about a young girl's murder in the Pacific Northwest. It will debut April 3 on Sunday at 10 p.m., the same slot AMC gave to "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead."

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There was no real doubt that Mad Men would return, but Friday's announcement signals that the network doesn't expect the kind of tense contract negotiations that marked creator Matthew Weiner's renegotations two years ago.

The show ended on a cliffhanger last season with Draper's unexpected proposal to his secretary, Megan.