We've Got Hollywood Covered

Make a Sex Tape, Be a Star!

So, I’m sitting here in my swanky Hollywood Condo, in beautiful downtown Tinseltown, reading a story in TheWrap on some viral video guy hardly anybody knows who’s getting better ratings then NBC’s Prime-time Lineup (of course it’s not a huge undertaking NBC’s Ratings pretty much suck) … and I literally hurl my morning bran muffin!  

This video show generates millions and millions of hits. It’s basically just E’s “The Soup” done over. Nonetheless, the Yahoo show has made this host an online star. My mind is in a state of Flux!

Not a day goes by that my tookus is not amazed at how rapidly SHOW BIZ is changing via the online world. I remember black and white TV, vinyl records and one of the first online services: Prodigy.

Hell; I remember the original Hotels in Vegas, Metromedia Square on Sunset Boulevard (who remembers that?) the ABC Complex in Century City and when real talent got you a job and you became a Star! Yes, a Star!  NOW, who needs dance and voice lessons or Stella Adler? It’s the power of the mega Browsers that can make one a star, not talent. Who knew?

See, I remember when being a star meant something.  Talent was usually associated with the word “star.” I am so tired of how SHOW BIZ labels some of these morons “stars”! You make a sex tape … you’re a star. You’re an overweight blogger … you’re  a star. You get your lips plumped …  you’re a star. Hell, there’s even some wannabe pop singer out now … a Lady something or another  with one hit. And they call her an icon! 

AN ICON???  PEOPLE … what happened to our sense of value when it comes to entertainment.  We’ve allowed the bar to be lowered so damn far. Hell, you can break wind on “Rock of Love” and almost guarantee your own spin-off reality series. 

Then these so called stars think they have some misplaced sense of entitlement to their place in SHOW BIZ. We are bombarded by folks with camcorders on their viral madness and pursuit for fame. Hello, YOUTUBE!

I think as this awesome medium quickly changes, we cannot allow ourselves to think we are so hip that we forget the roots of real entertainment and that people still yearn for comedy and creative scripted shows. I’m talking the art of writing, doing inspired Comedy with real talented young stars — not some plumped lypo’d reality heirheads looking for love or to be someone’s new BFF.

That’s really getting old. I do believe in my heart that we might return to some old fashioned SHOW BIZ. There’s a whole generation of baby boomers with advertising bucks to spend that want something more.  We can’t be forgotten.

My aging tookus still goes out for parts and auditions. Just a couple weeks ago I was in a casting office, and the young casting executive said to me, “You’re funny, Ester … but you’re Old and Old people don’t sell or bring viewers.”

I must say my jaw dropped. I stared in amazement.  I fumed as I drove the freeway home. As soon as I walked thru my front door … I logged online. I ordered the seven seasons of “THE GOLDEN GIRLS,” which has just been added to the Hallmark Channel and WE and had it shipped to the casting exec with a note. “So you say Old People don’t bring viewers?“

I have yet to receive a thank you card or note. GO figure!

Ester Goldberg is the International Glamourpuss of all media. Loved by young and old, Jewish and Gentile, black, white, brown and in-between, all love Ester's irreverent take on life and her positive message of "it's never too late to make your dreams come true." Her history of raising money for different charities and community-based organizations has made her an icon for those who care. For more Ester, check out her website, Views From a Broad.