‘Making a Murderer’: Steven Avery Pens Prison Letter, Says ‘Everything Is Going Good’

A judge has ordered the supervised release of his nephew Brendan Dassey, who was also convicted for Teresa Halbach’s murder

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“Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery has penned another letter from prison, thanking his supporters and praising his attorney, Kathleen Zellner.

“Everything is going good,” he wrote in a letter to his niece, Carla, last week. “I do have the best lawyer in the world!”

He added, “when I get out, I want to see all of my supports and all the beautiful woman, and I only want to be happy and having fun, and having love, and I got love!”

Earlier this week, a judge ordered the supervised release of Brendan Dassey, Avery’s nephew who was also convicted for the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

According to a Wisconsin Department of Justice release obtained by TheWrap, Dassey will be discharged from prison no later than Friday at 8 p.m. An emergency motion filed on Wednesday seeking a stay of his release was denied.

The saga surrounding Halbach’s killing around Halloween 2005 and whether Avery committed the brutal act was the focus of Netflix’s hit docuseries “Making a Murderer,” which gained wide acclaim and interest after its release last December.

Avery has written letters from prison before. In one, dated Jan. 29, he said, “To my supporters: I want every forensic test possible done because I am innocent.”

Zellner, who took on Avery’s case in January, has said that she has uncovered new evidence that will help exonerate him.