‘Making a Murderer’: Investigation Discovery Says ‘Critical Details Missing’ From Netflix Series

TCA 2016: Investigation Discovery and NBC News try to steal Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” thunder

Making a Murderer Trailer

Investigation Discovery will air a new special focusing on the case of Steven Avery, the focus of the Netflix phenomenon “Making a Murderer.”

The network will partner with NBC News to dissect evidence in Avery’s case, in which he and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, were convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach in 2005.

“We feel compelled to address what we believe are some critical details missing from the case as presented in Netflix’s current documentary series ‘Making a Murderer,’” Henry Schleiff, group president of the Investigation Discovery, American Heroes and Destination America channels said at a Television Critics Association panel Thursday.

“To that end, I am announcing here today, in partnership with NBC News a special edition of our series ‘Front Page’ hosted by veteran journalist Keith Morrison which will air later this month, January, in an attempt to provide critical, crucial evidence and testimonies that answer many of the questions surrounding Steven Avery.”

There have been a wealth of questions raised about Avery’s case since “Making a Murderer” debuted, with many theorizing that he and Dassey are innocent.

However, Ken Kratz, who prosecuted Avery in 2005, recently provided TheWrap with a list of evidence that was not included in the series that he says proves Avery’s guilt.

Avery was convicted of sexual assault in 1985 but was freed in 2003 after DNA evidence proved he was innocent. However, two years later he was convicted of raping and murdering Teresa Halbach, a photographer from Auto Trader magazine who visited Avery’s family’s auto salvage yard to photograph a car.