ABC News Affiliate Hypes Malaysian Flight Coverage With ‘Lost’ Graphic, Backlash Ensues

KETV in Omaha pulled the image and apologized for making the allegory everyone has been whispering about

KETV flew right into a wall of controversy this week with its coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

The ABC affiliate station in Omaha teased its coverage of the latest “news” (read: there is no actual news) of MH370, which mysteriously disappeared earlier this month, with a Twitter graphic from the TV series “Lost.” That show, of course, was all about what happened to a plane that went missing, and plenty of people have made that obvious connection on TV and the internet.

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There were howls about KETV’s use of the imagery — they are a news station, after all — and they soon pulled the offending tweet. The website Deadspin caught it, however, which only fueled the raging blowback of people who found it offensive.

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“We apologize for the post. While it was not intended to be insensitive we can see how it would be viewed that way in light of such a tragedy,” the station told the website Talking Points Memo.

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Of course, not even the cast of “Lost” wanted to touch the subject, and in fact expressly banned questions about it during their PaleyFest panel for the 10 year anniversary of the show earlier this week.