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Malaysia Flight Victims’ Families Blast ‘Shameless Behavior’ of Airline, Government

”We will take every possible means to pursue the unforgivable crimes,“ families vow

The families of the passengers on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 aren’t happy about the announcement that their relatives have most likely perished.

The families issued a scathing response after being informed by text message on Monday that there are likely no survivors from the flight — which went missing earlier this month. They accused the airline and the Malaysian government of “shameless behavior.”

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The families expressed their outrage in a statement read in Beijing, after Malaysia Airlines informed them that the company had to “assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived,” Vanity Fair reports. The message came in advance of an official statement from Malaysia’s prime minister, Vanity Fair reports.

In their response, the families said that the announcement was made “without any direct evidence” that the plane had crashed.

“At 10pm on March 25, the Malaysian prime minister sent a statement to the families of MH370 passengers without any direct evidence that MH370 crashed in the south Indian ocean and no people survived,” the statement reads. From March 8 when they announced that MH370 lost contact to today, 18 days have passed during which the Malaysian government and military constantly tried to delay, deceive the passengers’ families and cheat the whole world.”

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The statement continued, “This shameless behavior not only fooled and hurt the families of the 154 passengers but also misguided and delayed rescue actions, wasting a large quantity of human resources and materials and lost valuable time for the rescue effort.”

The statement went so far to claim that, should it turned out that the passengers had died, Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian government and the military would be guilty of “unforgivable crimes.”

“If the 154 passengers did lose their lives, Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian government and military are the real executioners who killed them. We the families of those on board submit our strongest protest against them,” the statement reads. “We will take every possible means to pursue the unforgivable crimes and responsibility of all three.”

Flight 370 disappeared on May 8 at some point during its journey from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Beijing International Airport. On Monday, search efforts were suspended due to weather conditions.