‘Man of Steel’ Makes the Comic-Con Audience Weep, Fawn Over Henry Cavill

"Man of Steel" proved so overwhelming that one Comic-Con fan lost it mid-question

The new Superman movie, ‘Man of Steel,’ overwhelmed Comic-Con fans to the point that one of them broke into tears while asking a question.

All the man wanted to know was who the villain would be, but director Zack Snyder and star Henry Cavill remained cagey about the reboot, hoping to keep as much as they could under wraps.

Getty ImagesThough they would not reveal any details, Snyder did remind people that this will not pick up where past ones left off. They are reinventing the franchise.

“Superman needed to be reintroduced to a generation,” Snyder said.

“When we started working on the movie, we knew the comic book character existed, we knew the movies existed, but we had to act as if no film had been made.”

That means no John Williams score and no references to Christopher Reeve.

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One major incentive to a new and improved Superman is it would allow Warner Bros. to make an “Avengers”-like super movie.

This thought was not lost on fans, who asked Snyder about it. The “300” director acknowledged the possibility while insisting, “we need to focus on rehabbing Superman.”

While many fans were disappointed with Brandon Routh as Superman in Bryan Singer’s reboot, the crowd seemed to be in love with leading man Henry Cavill.

Amid shouts of “You’re sexy!”, moderator Chris Hardwick noted that every woman in the audience wanted to sleep with him, thanks to his dashing face and British accent.

“25 percent of the men, too,” Snyder cracked.

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If there was one thing Snyder did admit, it was that this film would try to humanize the indomitable hero.

“The big challenge is if you can make people feel ‘what would you do if you were Superman,’” Snyder said. “How would you feel? In the past, he’s been a big blue boy scout on a throne.”

And as for that villain, one fan figured it out. It will be General Zod, as played by Michael Shannon.