Marco Rubio Warns ‘Clown’ Alex Jones ‘Don’t Touch Me Again’ (Video)

“Infowars” host calls senator “frat boy” and “snake”

Alex Jones Marco Rubio
Via @CassandraRules on Twitter

A break in Wednesday’s Congressional hearing on the spread of fake news quickly turned hostile, with Sen. Marco Rubio warning conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to keep his hands off of him.

“Don’t touch me again, man,” Sen. Rubio said to Jones, who was badgering him with questions during a media gathering. “I’m asking you not to touch me again.”

“I just patted you nicely,” Jones contested. “Oh you want me to get arrested?”

“You’re not going to get arrested, I’ll take care of it myself,” Sen. Rubio responded.

The exchange, caught on video by The Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks, featured plenty of barbs lobbed back and forth. Jones called Rubio a “snake” and “frat boy” while mocking him for his failed run to the White House in 2016. You can watch the full interaction below.

Rubio laughed at Jones and attempted to ignore him while talking to reporters.

“Who is this guy? I swear to God I don’t know who you are, man,” Sen. Rubio told Jones.

Jones and Rubio were on hand to hear Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey weigh in on Silicon Valley’s attempts to fight Russian trolls ahead of the 2018 U.S. midterms. Jones and his Infowars website were notoriously booted from several major tech platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, last month for violating “hate speech” and “bullying” policies — cratering his traffic in the process.

As the committee reconvened for the second half of its hearing, Rubio left reporters saying they could stay and talk to this “clown,” alluding to Jones.