Mariah Carey Compares ‘American Idol’ With Nicki Minaj to Working ‘in Hell With Satan’ (Video)

‘Honestly, I hated it,” the Grammy-winning singer says of her judging stint

It doesn’t sound like Mariah Carey will follow in Jennifer Lopez‘s footsteps and return to “American Idol.”

Carey, who put in a year as an “American Idol” judge for the Fox show’s 12th season, recently dropped in on Hot 97’s Angie Martinez to discuss her run on the show.

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Spoiler alert: She didn’t enjoy being on the show. Like, really didn’t like it.

“Honestly, I hated it,” Carey said. “It was like going to work everyday in hell with Satan.”

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Carey declined to say which of her former coworkers was most like Beelzebub. However, if one were to make an educated guess, one could point to the fact that the bad blood between Carey and her fellow judge Nicki Minaj was a matter of record (and, on occasion, the subject of a fairly amusing Twitter feud).

Carey slightly walked back from her statements later on, saying she was just “playing” and “it didn’t affect me that much.” She did, however, allow that she was “disappointed” by the experience.

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Carey’s way with a catty word, on the other hand? Never disappointing.

Watch Carey look back not-so-fondly on her “Idol” stint in the video: