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Mariah Carey Pulls Out a Brooklyn Accent to Prank Call an Assistant (Video)

And hilarity ensues

When Mariah Carey’s makeup artist Kristofer tells her, “You are the best crank caller on earth,” he ain’t joking.

On Sunday’s “Mariah’s World,” Mimi was in dire need of a few snacks for her entourage and with a little encouragement, she decided that there was no time like the present to dust off her crank calling skills and put them to good use on one of their assistants, Molly.

An unsuspecting Molly answered her phone to hear a Brooklyn-accented woman on the other end, demanding her “chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and I don’t want curry in the damn ketchup,” claiming to be “Mariah’s Aunt Pamela.”

“Now I’m sorry that I sound agitated but I’m trying to have my niece have a good time on her day!” she barked to the poor rattled young lady.

Funny stuff that is a must see. Check it out above.

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