Mark Burnett Executive Producing Video Game Awards for Spike TV

Producer will celebrate video games — instead of getting beaten at them by his teenagers

Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett is taking on another awards show, this time Spike's Video Game Awards next month.

The "Survivor" and "Celebrity Apprentice" producer says he's very comfortable around video games, given that he's regularly trounced at them by his three teenagers. They particularly enjoy "Black Ops" and "FIFA," he said.

"It's an enormous industry. It's going to get bigger and bigger and bigger," he told TheWrap. "It's such a growing, dynamic industry and it seemed a great way for me to absorb more and go beyond just passively enjoying video games, and get into it more, as well as bring my skill set to make it an epic awards show."

Burnett's previous awards shows have included MTV's VMAs and the Emmys.

"Mark's bold producing style is a perfect fit for gamers, and his tremendous vision and unparalleled energy will take the show to a new level," said Casey Patterson, executive producer of the VGAs and executive vice president of event production for Viacom Media Networks Entertainment Group. 

Besides handing out awards, the VGAs feature exclusive world premieres and teasers for some of the most-anticipated games. Guests include Hideo Kojima, who will premiere "Metal Gear Solid: Rising."

BioWare, creators of most anticipated game nominee "Mass Effect 3," will announce a new project and studio.  

The VGAs telecast will premiere live, in high-definition, on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 8 ET/5 PT.