Mark Wahlberg Shows Jimmy Kimmel How His Kids Abuse His Entourage (Video)

The “Lone Survivor” star appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and brought along a precious home video

Mark Wahlberg‘s loyal friends famously inspired the HBO comedy “Entourage,” and the “Lone Survivor” star made it a point to prove just how loyal they are when he swung by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday with a clip of his buddy Big A getting shot by his kids.

(Don’t worry, it was just a paintball gun.)

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Still, those hurt, too — especially when being shot square in the back, which is exactly what Wahlberg’s boys, Michael and Brendan, were aiming for.

Watch Big A live the Hollywood dream in the video above. Hopefully he got rewarded with a cameo in “Wahlburgers” for this stunt.