Martin Scorsese Recalls Leonardo DiCaprio Nearly ODing on Sushi While Filming ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ (Video)

Famed director tells Conan O’Brien: “I said, ‘I think we lost him'”

The lore of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s acting acumen and dedication continues to grow, one yellowtail tuna sushi roll at a time.

“Conan” guest Martin Scorsese shared stories Monday from the set of the Academy Award-nominated “Wolf of Wall Street” — including that time that Leo nearly overdosed on raw fish while filming the sushi scene with Jonah Hill.

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DiCaprio is such a method actor, Scorsese recalled to host Conan O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter, that he spent time between takes on the floor of the “Wolf of Wall Street” set, “retching” from eating too much of the uncooked stuff.

The director pleaded with his star to not finish each take by actually gobbling the last bit of yellowtail, but the actor insisted on sticking to where the dialogue took him each and every time. Somewhere around Take 8 or 9 of the three-to-four-hour shoot, it got bad.

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“The guys in white were there,” Scorsese remembered. “I said, ‘I think we lost him'”

“He was just filled with saliva and vomit,” the famed director added, as if the TBS studio audience needed more of a visual.

Watch the clip: