Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin Returns in First Clip From Marvel Short ‘All Hail the King’ (Video)

Scoot McNairy co-stars as a journalist interviewing the faux villain in “Iron Man 3”

If you’ve ever wondered what ever happened to Ben Kingsley‘s “Iron Man 3” character, the Mandarin — a.k.a. actor Trevor Slattery — a new Marvel short film included on the  upcoming “Thor: The Dark World” home video release should explain a lot.

“All Hail the King,” the latest in the Disney-owned studio’s “One-Shot” short film series, features the fake supervillain sitting down with a documentarian, played by Scoot McNairy, trying to answer the question: “Who is Trevor Slattery?”

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The first clip (above) shows that although Slattery is not actually all that dangerous, he has become the “most infamous prisoner” in all of America, and the most popular convict in prison.

The full short comes exclusively with Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” on Digital 3D and Digital HD Feb. 4, and on 3D Combo Pack and Blu-ray Feb. 25.