Mashable Could Sell for $300-$350 Million (Report)

Time Warner was an early suitor, according to Politico

Mashable logo

Mashable may be up for sale, according to a new media report.

The social news site could fetch $300 – $350 million, according to Politico.

The site also reports Time Warner was an early suitor interested in buying the 10-year-old company led by CEO Pete Cashmore.

In January, Mashable was valued at $180 million, and Politico says insiders familiar with the potential sale caution it could sell for closer to $250 million.

The new report comes toward the close of a year that has shaped up to a be one in which media companies raked in big dollars from investors and buyers.

In September, German media company Axel Springer announced plans to purchase 88 percent of Business Insider for $343 million, valuing the site at a stunning $390 million. The deal increases Axel Springer’s stake in Business Insider to 97 percent.

Other big-dollar deals involving digital media companies include NBCU investing $200 million in viral news and video site BuzzFeed in August, NBCU investing $200 million in Vox Media, parent company to popular explanatory politics site Vox in August, and Vice Media raising $500 million between A +E Networks and Technology Crossover Ventures in September.