Matt Damon Explains Broken Collarbone on ‘Tonight Show': I Was Showing Off (Video)

The Golden Globes “garbage person” is not an adept mountain biker

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:19 PM

Matt Damon, the butt of numerous jokes on Sunday’s Golden Globes, joined Jay Leno on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” sporting an arm sling supporting a broken collarbone.

Leno brought up the obvious cast with a joke: “I want to apologize to you,” he said to his guest. “I’m sorry I had to strong-arm you to get you on the show tonight.”

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As it turns out, the break didn’t occur during a spirited arm-wrestling match between the two showbiz friends. Rather, nearly a month ago, Damon hit a rock while mountain biking, flying off and injuring himself.

“Apparently I’m not a very good mountain biker,” Damon quipped.

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Damon did not wear the sling to the Golden Globes — since it didn’t go with his tux — but he made sure to strap it on for the after party, just in case anyone got a little too close for comfort.

During the awards show itself, sticks and stones were less literal. The actor was called “basically a garbage person” by host Amy Poehler, and was later teased by Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy in a bit that fell a little flatter. All in good fun, of course.

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As for the accident, the actor summed it up simply: “The bike stopped — and I didn’t.”

Pressing for more details, Leno asked Damon if he was hot-dogging a bit for his co-biker, to which the “Behind the Candelabra” actor admitted, “I probably was showing off a little bit, yeah.”

Watch the video: