Matthew Weiner Talks to Sister About ‘Mad Men,’ the L.A. Times, and a Sweet Wiener Pic (Video)

Weiners sit down to talk negotiations, the L.A. Times, and a romantic photo

"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner sat down with sister Allison Hope Weiner for a deep look back at the contract negotiations that almost cost him the show, why he couldn't get attention for the Emmy monopolist in its first season, and his frustrations with the Los Angeles Times.

Weiner spoke with his sister, a lawyer and journalist, for her show "Media Mayhem." Given the media-centric focus of the show, they devoted much of the interview to dissecting their hometown paper's coverage of "Mad Men."

"I work eight minutes from them and they do not even know it's in Los Angeles," he said.

The Weiners (pronounced WHY-ner) also joke about the grief they've received over their last name — and how a picture of his parents sharing a hot dog worked itself into a crucial "Mad Men" sequence.

Watch the video (the hot dog explanation starts at about the one hour and four-minute mark):