Amazon Readying New iPad-Sized Kindle Fire Tablet

Two new Kindle Fire models — one 7-inches, one 10-inches — are slated for release in the coming months

Amazon plans to launch two new Kindle Fire tablets, including a 10-inch iPad challenger, in the coming months, joining a market quickly becoming crowded as Google and Microsoft take their own swings at Apple.

The new 10-inch tablet will have a quad-core processor — double the processing power of the device's first generation — putting it in line to compete with Google's recently announced Nexus 7, Microsoft's Surface and Apple's market-dominating iPad.

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An unnamed source told BGR that the new Kindle Fire and its next generation version of the 7-inch Fire resemble thinner versions of the first-generation iPad, sans buttons on the front of the devices. 

BGR also reported that the 10-inch model includes a front-facing camera and both versions include USB ports and one additional jack that may be an HDMI-out port.